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Walking is the essence of movement for us humans. The rhythm created step by step cradles us, body and mind. While the body is in harmonic action, our mind travels and frees itself, but it does so in a completely different way than when the body is still. And precisely because the mind is free, ideas are born. Every day each one of us should devote part of our time to a walk; in a park in the woods or immersed in the mountains: The result is the same, Therapeutic.

In all this is inserted the personal growth, walking in wide spaces, slowly and immersed in silence, is given us the opportunity to look inside, to finally focus our attention on ourself. A feeling alien to many of us, too busy following what others are or do instead of ourselves. Observing is the key to learning and knowing: the more I know the more I am aware of what surrounds me, the more I know the more I respect everything the Natural world of which 'man is part to all intents and purposes. To marvel not only at breathtaking views but also at the smallest things.

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Spending a lot of time in the open air in the midst of nature I learned to move calmly, I learned to observe and marvel at even the smallest thing, to look from another perspective what we believe to be ordinary and obvious, but only because we are not used to observing carefully. From Tiziano Terzani I learned that "you don't have to go looking for the extraordinary when the ordinary, if really observed, has so much of a surprise in itself". Nature, for me, was the best teacher: she taught me to listen, to pay attention to what surrounds me, to wonder and ask questions, from the most banal to the most complex. It has created in me a calm, a peace and an awareness that is difficult to find in the hectic life of every day. What I would like to convey, in addition, of course, to the education brought to 'respect for the environment, is precisely the slowness, observation and wonder, which leads to the awareness of the whole, without barriers or fears. We are Nature.

All this through hikes, in the mountains, in the hills, to the sea: wherever there is something interesting to see and learn, in company, sharing breathtaking landscapes, wild animals encounters, storytelling. But also adventures on foot, by bike or canoe along trails of several kilometers learning to live in the midst of nature, light a fire, build a shelter, recognize and follow the traces of animals, and much more.

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We look at the world and we think is made of parts, we think we are made of parts, but the truth is that the universe is a whole

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