The Northern Lights


Kluane Lake, Yukon Territories, Canada

Kluane Lake, Yukon Territories, Canada


Yesterday was a really cold day. Up here in the great North autumn is already ending, winter is coming fast. You can feel it in the air, clean and fresh, make you feel alive. I really like it. It was cloudy with just few clearings through which I could feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. I went for a swim and had a shower, after more then a week wandering around Alaska and Kluane National Park it was quite necessary. In the afternoon I was sitting in a laundromat reading a book with the sound of laundry machines in the background, it felt very relaxing actually. A couple of young guys came inside and we exchanged a smile, like it always happens between backpackers and travelers. We are easy recognizable. I thought i’ve seen them on the road somewhere in the last 5 months but at that moment i couldn’t rememberer exactly where. I kept on reading my book. I put my laundry into the dryer and i sat there looking at T-shirts, pants, pullovers, underwear, socks, all spinning around. I felt like looking outside at the ocean from behind one of these typical round windows that you usually find on boats, just this time i couldn’t see waves but clothes moving in circles. Kinda hypnotic i have to say. I don’t know for how long i stood there lost in my thoughts. While folding the now dry clothes, I heard the couple talking about the Northern Lights, they have never seen an Aurora Borealis and they appeared very exited on seeing one. I joined the conversation.. “Hey guys, I understood that you would like to see the Aurora, well tonight there’s going to be a massive one, probably the best of September”, i could see in their eyes that i got their attention. I explained and show them the Aurora App i downloaded few weeks before. “I’m leaving now Whitehorse to drive up North, more or less 250 kms, where i checked there will be clear sky and it’s going to be amazing. Would you like to join ?” They looked at each other and they gently answered “Well that’s great but it’s 250 kms to drive..i think it’s too much to drive”, i answer “well but it’s the Aurora Borealis guys and really tonight is the best night ever“..They again looked at each other and then answer “It’’s too much driving, we gonna just go out for a beer here in town or watch a movie, thanks for the offers though,”.. I said goodbye, jumped in my car and drove the 250 km with a big smile on my face, i was going to see the Northern Lights.

Yesterday i learned an important thing: there are two kind of people. People who are focus on what they want and People who are focus on what is preventing them to get what they want.

Last night was one of the most amazing nights of my life, and this is what i saw