The sound of Nature

Cornino Lake - Friuli, Italy


The Cornino Lake, located in the homonymous nature reserve, is a perfect habitat for a wide variety of animals. From birds to reptiles, from rodents to mammals that roam the surrounding forest. With the advent of spring and the passage of migratory birds, the reserve is filled with sounds and voices. How many different can you perceive?

In this period the reserve of Cornino Lake is the ideal place if you are passionate about Bird Watching!

The morphology of the territory and the great variety of environments create the conditions suitable for the nesting and feeding of numerous species of birds of prey, which reach the highest density of contact between plain and mountain in the region. The presence of griffon vultures attracts various diurnal birds of prey, including rare national species that have been observed on several occasions in the area, such as the Royal Kite and the Sea Eagle.